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In our proceeding against Facebook (more information) we will soon reach the point where the Irish data protection authority will make a final and legally binding decision, effecting every user of Facebook. It is likely that the outcome will not really be in favor of the users but in favor of Facebook. We want to be prepared.

Your donation can make a difference beyond the individual case of Facebook. Our case has good chances to become a landmark decision, influencing the future of online privacy in Europe and the world.

To appeal the decision by the Irish authority before courts and demand the enforcement of the users' fundamental right to privacy we will need astronomical amounts of money (estimated between €100.000 and €300.000). Because we, as normal citizens, don't have secret bank accounts on the Cayman Islands, we need your support!

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Court procedures against big companies like Facebook can get very expensive, but together we can enforce our rights!

Refund We cannot exactly predict our financial risk. If funds are left unused we will donate them to other privacy projects. As an alternative we also offer to reimburse unused funds.
Note: For legal reasons there is no entitlement to refunds. Refunds will be transfered to the bank account they originate from. PayPal and credit card payments are refunded to your email via PayPal. Transaction fees are deducted.
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