How much will be refunded?

If we don't manage to collect all the necessary money and we therefore have to discontinue our campaign, or if we don't need part of the money, for example because we win before the courts, then we are left with a certain sum. If you indicated that you would like to have this remaining money transferred back to you, then you will be refunded your donation proportionately. Bank service charges will be deducted from the remaining sum.
Example 1: If we, for example, call off our campaign, because we have received a too low amount of donations, one will be reimbursed with the whole donation minus the bank service charges.
Example 2: If we only need half of the money, then you will be reimbursed half of your donation, minus bank service charges.
One can thus never receive more money than one has paid. The time point of reimbursement is at our discretion and also the whole sum can be used. Because of legal reasons there is no right to reimbursement (see information below). You should therefore not count on being reimbursed.

How do I get my money back?

In a normal wire transfer the money goes back to the account of the depositor. Bank service fees of 34 cents are deducted. Bank fees for donations form outside the EU/SEPA might be higher.
Transactions via credit card or PayPal will be transferred back to the e-mail address of the donor. If you don't have a PayPal account, the money will be transferred to the e-mail address anyway. The donation can then be reused via PayPal. Fees of 35 cents + 1.9% will be deducted. If you donate form outside of the EU there might be additional charges by PayPal (e.g. 0.5% for US donations).

Why don't the donors have a right to be reimbursed?

At this point, there are some ongoing litigations in Austria concerning "crowd funding" because the Austrian Financial Market Authority suspects "illegal banking business". Though these cases concern systems where users can make a profit, we still want to be careful.
In order to be able to offer a reimbursement anyway, we have decided not to give a right to a refund. Thereby it is clear: It is our free decision to pay refunds and there is no right to a refund. Your request for a refund is therefore like a "wish", which we will honor, but it is not a right. We hope you support our decision, given the legal situation.

How much should I donate?

We are happy about every donation and have so far received donations from € 1 to € 1,000.
On average, our supporters have donated a little bit more than € 30.

Why does it say "not paid yet" next to my donation?

If you donate via bank transfer or mail, it is noted in the system. Only when the money arrives will the donation be set to "paid" and only then will the donation ticker count the donation.

Why doesn't the donation ticker go up immediately after a donation?

In order to preserve resources the system will calculate the total amount only every few minutes. If you used a wire transfer or send your donation via mail, the donation will only be registered as "paid" when we received it.

What will happen with the money?

The money is being administrated by the association "europe-v-facebook.org" and used for the proceedings against Facebook. All expenses are being itemized by booking and published under "Transparency". From it, we pay fees for lawyers, court fees and traveling expenses, which are necessary in immediate connection to the enforcement of the basic right to privacy. The members of the association and the supporting complainants don't receive expense allowances, representation allowances or other similar nonsense. You can find more information under "Transparency".

Donations by Companies / Institutions / NGOs or large donations...

Of course we are also welcoming donations from institutions or large private donations (more than € 500). These donations can be done anonymously, but we also offer to note them prominently on the start page.
If you need certain documentation or bills (e.g. for tax deduction), please send us a quick e-mail at info@europe-v-facebook.org before you make a donation.

I have found a mistake. Where can I report it?

We have tested our platform extensively, but reality often works differently than laboratory conditions. If you find mistakes (typos or errors during the transaction), please report them to info@europe-v-facebook.org. We will correct it as fast as possible!

Other questions and contact?

It is best if you send us an e-mail at info@europe-v-facebook.org. We will respond as soon as possible!