It is extremely important to us that every cent that we collect is used in an understandable and transparent way. On this page you will find all the information about the disposition of donations. For now we have collected the most important infos, but in the upcoming days we will additionally provide graphs, documents and explanations.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via!


Date Purpose Recipient Receipt Amount
11. Dec. 2012 Flight Vienna-Dublin PDF 352.85 EUR
12.-15. Dec. 2012 Couchsurfing@Friends in Dublin - - 0 EUR
12.-15. Dez. 2012 Fahrtkosten CAT, Dublin Bus, ÖBB PDF 26.30 EUR
5. Nov. 2013 Book for JR against DPC BOOKMART & GAMEXCHANGE PDF 190,00 EUR
5. Nov. 2013 Book for JR against DPC Thomson Reuters PDF 460,26 EUR
5. Nov. 2013 Travel Costs (2x) Dublin, JR Expedia, Lufthansa, Taxi/Bus/Trains PDF 906,66 EUR
(25. Nov. 2013) (Compensation for Delay, booked as donation!) (From: Austrian Airlines) Details (+800,00 EUR)
29. April 2014 Travel Costs (2x) Dublin, JR Flight/Hotel/Taxi/Bus/Trains PDF 751,66 EUR

This is much more than other fund raisers publish, but if possible we will additionally publish the recipient and all the bills. Occasionally we can have partners who, for reasons of privacy, chose not to be mentioned publicly. For example, some Irish attorneys might be concerned of losing clients, if it becomes known that they work for us. We will, however, always try to upload all the additional information.

Who receives the money?

We have founded the Austrian non-profit association "“ (Registration Number 351391770) that administers the collected money. The association is only allowed to use the money for the "legal enforcement of the fundamental right to privacy" - for nothing else.
The members of our association are exclusively part of the student group "“. On November 18, 2012, Max Schrems and Lisa Ballmann were elected into the board. It goes without saying that we don't pay expense or representation allowances or other humbug. Every single member of our association works on a voluntary basis and unpaid.

Max Schrems
Student, Vienna
Lisa Ballmann
Student, Vienna

The association only reimburses expenses connected to the legal proceedings (e.g. costs of attorneys, court costs or traveling expenses) to the complainant that take on cases in the public interest. Complainants are not getting any payments that are not strictly necessary for the enforcement of these rights. Our articles of association obligate us to publish all transactions from donations (see list above).

>> You can review the exact articles of association of "" here (in German).
>> You can also find us in the Austrian register of non-profit associations at under the registration number 351391770.

Who reviews the association?

According to Austrian laws, every association has to appoint two auditors. To guarantee absolute autonomy, we have decided to appoint two external auditors, which are not member of "". Our thanks goes to Dr. Wolfram Proksch (Attorney at Law in Vienna, and Mag. Peter Kollermann (Tax Counsellor and Certified Public Accountant in Vienna, who will act as our auditors on a pro bono basis. Both were appointed at a general assembly of our NGO on December 15, 2012. Their annual reports will be - as far as possible - published.

Dr. Wolfram Proksch
Lawyer, Vienna
Mag. Peter Kollermann
Certified Public Accountant, Vienna

In addition we have published the reports of our auditors on the annual financial statement here:
>> Report for the year 2012 by Mag. Peter Kollermann (PDF, German)
>> Report for the year 2012 by Dr. Wolfram Proksch (PDF, German)